In the 18-19 season, we have gone from serving 400 students to serving nearly 8000 students. For those of you that enjoy math, that is a 1900% increase over the course of a year.


We accomplished this by offering:

  • 7 morning matinee performances at the Colony Theatre reaching 34 schools

  • school tour production of ANTIGONE reaching 20 schools performing 31 times.


Busses and tickets were provided free-of-charge to students and schools due to the generous support from Perez Family Foundation and Benjamin Nahum & Tammy Roodner.


We want to do more! The teachers in our community want us to do more!


In the 19-20 season, we will provide 10 morning matinees and a 4-week school tour. Our ultimate goal is to have established staff members dedicated to education and outreach who provide workshops and long term educational services. This will take more support. We encourage you to add your name to our list of educational sponsors by donating today.

Click here to donate or email for information on supporting future programs.



Don't take our word for it! Listen to the teachers!


My students were moved, some to tears. They loved the theater, the staging, the acting and the entire experience. To this day, the continually talk about how much they loved the play. Not only was it a culturally beneficial experience for students - who have never been to Colony Theater - historically, it was educational and provided insight and perspective that the students did not have before. These FREE opportunities are like gold to us. We truly appreciate them. Long after our students have left high school, these are the moments they will remember; I did! -ONE NIGHT IN MIAMI teacher attendee

The students thought the theater was beautiful and that the play was very exciting. They were very emotionally engaged in the story and talked about it all the way home on the bus. -FAKE teacher attendee




One student said at the conclusion of the performance that he, "was hungering for more!-ANTIGONE at Young Men’s Preparatory Academy


Despite our student's disabilities, the actors ability to touch the hearts of our students was beautiful to watch.-ANTIGONE at Brucie Ball Ed Center

Miami New Drama is committed to youth in our communities and using theater as a tool for transformative educational artistic experiences for all.
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